Maintenance & Engineering:

Backed by a team of experts, range of services provides our varied clients, real time solutions for effective and efficient running of their facilities. Our state-of-the-art management, reporting and controls enhance the superiority of our services. This allows for a more optimized overall environment.
Our systems ensure our equipment is maintained optimally to ensure longevity.
Our special focus on waste management disposal systems, rain water harvesting and energy conservation give our spaces a new definition of excellence.


>> Equipment Maintenance

>> Electrical Services

>> Fire Protection System

>> Energy Management

>> Preventive Maintenance

>> Waste Management

>> Periodic Testing and Harvesting

>> Water Harvesting

>> Life Maintenance

>> Maintenance of Log Books

>> Pest Control Services

>> Plumbing Services

many more....

Housekeeping & Hospitality Services

We are committed to offer international standard housekeeping services to its customer. Our expert staff and modern equipment makes it possible for us to deliver speedy and simplified housekeeping services. We work in close co-ordination with our clients to deliver custom-made services of global standards.
We provide daily, weekly and monthly schedules based on requirements of our customers. We undertake facade, glass and glazed wall cleaning with suspended trolleys. We employ trained personnel for specialized jobs.


>> Cleanliness of buildings, parking area, podium, club house and internal roads.

>> Monitoring drainage, ducts and pest control.

>> Organizing Parking Management

>> Vehicle screening

>> Maintaining orderliness

>> Efficient

>> Unobtrusive

>> Running a house or a business property

Cleaning and many more....

Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Services

Commercial Coronavirus Deep cleaning and Antiviral sanitization of the workplace and home by a professional cleaning experts.


>> Floor Treatment

>> Stone Care

>> Carpet Shampooing

>> Upholstery Shampooing

>> Crystallization

>> Office and Vehicle Sanitisation and Disinfection Solution

>> Pest Control

sanitization and many more....

Gardening & Landscaping:

A team of professional gardeners and independent professional landscape designer takes care of environment and garden activities for client premises.


>> Landscaping.

>> Garden maintenance

>> Water feature(Watering & water conservation)

>> Irrigation installation and maintenance

>> Seasonal planting

>> Composting and Fertilization

>> Pest Control

>> Removing Weeds

Cleaning and many more....

Club House Maintenance:

Whether you are a large residential society or a club or a hotel or a resort, if you have a clubhouse, we will maintain and manage it for you.
It’s a specialized service, where we manage everything.

Exclusive Service range

>> Play area equipment maintenance.

>> Circulation of information/Notices.

>> Dish antenna installation/removal and maintenance issue (if any)

>> Daily garbage collection

>> Cleanliness of podium, club house and internal roads

>> Reservation, room management, billing, accounting, and statistics capabilities

>> Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Air-Conditioning Services & Plant Maintenance

We render annual maintenance contracts and back-up services for major break down of air conditioning plants & their components.


>> Regular maintenance & clean up of air filters.

>> Cleaning of Evaporator coils.

>> Maintenance of condenser coil.

>> Cleaning Coil Fins.

>> Unclog the rear drain.

>> Cover up the compressor unit during winters.

>> AC service.

Office Administration Support:

Administration and office support workers help businesses with a variety of clerical tasks.

Office Administrator responsibilities include:

>> Coordinating office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance to company policies.

>> Supervising administrative staff and dividing responsibilities to ensure performance.

>> Keep stock of office supplies and place orders when necessary.

Gym Equipment Maintenance

We render Gym Auditorium maintenance activities. In which we provide all round service.


>> Equipment Maintenance


Firefighting System Management:

The primary purpose of a fire management system is to design, manage, plan and co-ordinate appropriate fire safety procedures to reduce the risks of fire and to ensure the safety of building occupants. A complete fire management system ensures legal compliance and protection of lives and assets.

We Assist…

>> The fire safety management strategy

>> Evacuation procedures

>> Fire and smoke control strategy

>> Fire fighting strategy

>> Fire protection strategy

Facade Cleaning Services:

The facade of your building is exposed to the ravages of environment and weather, such as rain, dust, pollution etc. This service can be availed by residences, offices and commercial complexes. In order to maintain clean exterior, we recommend using our facade and window cleaning service.
We offer window and FACADE CLEANING SERVICES for every type of business including showrooms, offices, factories, schools and commercial complexes.

We Provide…

>> Façade Cleaning

>> Window Cleaning

>> Glass Cleaning

What we Offer

Our greatest asset is our people. Engrained in our core purpose of inspiring people to Rise, our employee value proposition is captured by the acronym, CAPable People, REAL Experience. It sums up what we want to be known for as an employer, and embodies the promise that at Falcon, you have the opportunity - and the right set of tools - to be the very best you can be.

Falcon People

Derived from our core purpose, these elements comprise what we expect from our people, and in turn, how we empower them to live the brand every day.

C - Challenge Conventions

We’ve grown by challenging conventions at every turn, and we encourage our people to do the same by accepting no limits. Where others see problems, our people see possibilities.

A - Bring Alternative Thinking to the Workplace

Alternative thinking is the new normal at our workplace. As we relentlessly seek to break fresh ground and solve problems, the ingenious use of our resources - and our ability to think differently - power us on.

P - Drive Positive Change in the Lives of Customers and Communities

We expect everyone at Falcon to work for the greater good, to advance humankind, and make the world a better place. A significant part of our job is to create lasting, positive change in the lives of the customers and communities we serve.

The Falcon Experience

The elements below describe the culture and operating environment we aim to create for our people, in which they can thrive and display CAPable People behaviours outlined above.

R - Recognition for Outperformance

We encourage healthy competition, and create a high performance culture by recognizing breakthroughs, and rewarding those who achieve them.

E - Empowering Environment

We promote a proactive workplace, one where you’re encouraged to make your own decisions, and take ownership of their ripples and ramifications. It empowers our people, and in doing so, encourages individual responsibility.

AL - Abundant Learning Opportunities

At Falcon, we listen and learn every day. Constant learning constitutes a fundamental aspect of the Mahindra Experience, with abundant learning opportunities at every level, and an environment that encourages constant learning

Live your passion

We offer a host of career options that allow you to work on things that you are passionate about. Here is a peek into some of the most exciting things we are doing and the global locations where you could be doing the same

Creating Possibilities

At Falcon we believe anything is possible. And our employees are pushing the boundaries every single day. Check out some of the cool stuff we do.