Our security work with different resources:-

1.Manned Guarding

2.Event protection

3.Dog Squad

4.Mojo Barrier


6.parking security


8.Sight supervision

And many more sectors....

Our facility work
in many sector:-

1.Office Assistants

2.Front Office Executives

3.Computer Operators

4.Telephone Operators

5.Mail Room Management Solutions

6.Delivery Boys/ Courier Boys

7.Managing Stores/ Warehouses

8.Comprehensive Cleaning Services

9.Gardening & Landscaping

10.Food and Catering

11.Pest Control

12.Office and Vehicle Sanitisation and Disinfection Solution

And many more facility management....

Our Electronic surveillance with latest technology:-

1.CCTV Monitoring Services

2.Drone Camera Monitoring

3.Advanced Video Analytics

4.Fleet Management by GPS

5.Alarm Monitoring

6.Parking Control Systems

7.Remote/Automatic Door Locks

8.Control Panel

9.Intelligent Electric Fencing

10.Remote monitoring and recording

11.Fever Screening (Covid-19)

And many more sectors....