Why we are unique

F3 have unique features and specifications in different services.

Control Room

Falcon have 24*7 control room.


QRT team

Falcon have best trained QRT team.

Night Check

We periodically conduct night check.

Saperate Operation Team

We have very dedicated workforce which handle any operation issues.TM

Customised Uniform

We provide customised and tailored uniform as client's requirements.


ERP software

we have our own ERP software to manage our different task.

Deployment Training

We provide different types of training as per location required.

Store room

We collobrate with our clients to fulfills their different needs.TM

Electronic surveillance

We have electronic surveillance for protection by any incidence.


Dog Squad

Falcon provide trained and sniffer canine squad.

Special Petrolling team

We provide special parking management team.

Taskforce for facility

We have special taskforce for Facility management.TM